Ink Refills  

  • Save on the Cost of your InK - Use our Refill Service!
  • High Quality Ink for perfect Printouts! - 100% money back guarantee!

The Smileink System

We refill most brands and models of inkjet cartridges. Simply leave your empty cartridge at our store, and pick it up refilled and ready to use within a maximum of three working days.  

Smileink Quality

At SMILEINK, we can guarantee that our cartridges are not going to damage your printer because we give you back the cartridge that you gave us! The methods of ink refilling we deploy are studied to ensure the least tampering possible. So if your cartridge was in good condition when you submitted it to us, you can rest assured that it is not going to give you problems or cause your printer damage after it has been refilled.

Once your cartridge has been inspected and is found to be in a condition good enough to refill, it is thoroughly cleaned and filled to the capacity it was originally built to contain. If your cartridge is not in a condition to be refilled, we will inform you immediately by SMS. Please leave your mobile number when submitting your cartridge.

The inks we use to fill your cartridges are of exceptional high quality. Different brands and, in some cases, different cartridges of the same brands, use different inks. Our inks are made specifically to get the optimal printing result from each different cartridge. Be it black or colour, you will not be able to tell the difference between a print out made by using original ink and one made by using a refilled SMILEINK cartridges.

Smileink Guarantee

The SMILEINK guarantee is simple: if you are not happy with your refilled cartridge, we will give you your money back – obviously after checking that the cartridge was refilled by us (we record the serial number of all the cartridges which we refill) and that it was not used (we record the weight of each cartridge that we refill).

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