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The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is a Europe-wide qualification in basic computer skills. This qualification shows that you have the skills to carry out the main tasks on a computer.The ECDL is the first qualification in personal computing skills to be recognised throughout the EU, and it has become a must for anyone''s CV!

ECDL is open to anyone - regardless of age, education, information technology (IT) experience or background.

ECDL consists of the following 7 modules:
Module 1 - Basic IT
Module 2 - Managing Files
Module 3 - Word Processing
Module 4 - Spreadsheets
Module 5 - Databases
Module 6 - Presentations
Module 7 - E-mails and WWW

Starting: July 2014
Who is it for?
Anyone who wishes and/or needs to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common computer applications.
Time: 35 Hour Crash Course covering the 7 Modules
Requirements: Basic English and Basic Computer use
The certification consists of 7 modules. We prepare our students with training on each module of the syllabus and guide them to take the test for that module.
The ECDL / ICDL syllabus version 5.0 sets out the skills and knowledge areas for all 7 modules and is available for download here.
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