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Media Tech Cube MT3120  


CUBE MT3120 is a new model of small stereo speaker set powered from USB port.

The most pronounced and unquestionable feature of CUBE is the crystal clarity sound and the fantastic depth of basses you will be impressed with. It can be safely said that in smallest speakers - group MT3120 is a Mercedes as far as the quality of sound is concerned.

This set is designed mainly for notebook and netbook PCs, but will work perfectly with any other device fitted with an USB port. Alternatively, if used together with our portable battery MT6350 the CUBE can be taken wherever you go. You can use the speakers even in a tent enjoying music from your MP3 player or mobile phone during your holidays. Or, if any source of electric power is available, equipped with our USB power adaptor MT6256 and your mobile multimedia player you can set up a party just anywhere.

Its unconventional shape and eye-catching design makes it more attractive to users who want something new and extraordinary.

CUBE - the power of bass craftily hidden in a small casing.

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Price: € 16.5
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