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You are enquiring about Biometric Punch Clock

Advanced Biometric Solution for Time and Attendance

- Employees punch In and Out using Fingerprint only, PIN & Fingerprint, or PIN and Password, to help you control buddy punching.
- Can enrol up to 10 fingerprints per employee
- Ideally suited for businesses, with up to 250employees, who want to automate their time and attendance process.
- Can handle weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods, including up to 12 shifts
- Comes with timeQplus software which allows you to edit employee punches, view and print reports, and export data to 3rd party payroll programs
- Software licence is limited to 125 employees, but can be upgraded with additional 25 user upgrades, up to 250 employees, at an extra cost.
- Multiple report options including: Hours Summary, Raw Transactions, Time Cards, Time Card Approvals and others.
- Reports regular hours, two levels of overtime, vacation, sick and holiday hours
- Connects directly to a PC via Ethernet (Cat 5e), serial (RS232) or USB
- Transactions are stored on the terminal until retrieved by the PC Application
- Can support multiple terminals
- Holds up to 50,000 transactions, and up to 1500 fingerprints

See also:Proximity Punch Clock

Price: € 555 excluding installation
Special cash price offer - €499

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