About Us  

“Your Complete IT Solutions Provider”

We are relatively young team of IT professionals, established in 2005 with the aim of becoming a “One-Stop Shop” for IT Supplies and Services. Since our inception, our objective was to offer our clients a single point of reference for all their Information Technology needs.

Although we are continuously striving to increase our portfolio of products and services, today at InfoTech we are capable of providing vast range of goods and services, such as:

  • Computer related hardware and a vast range of peripherals and accessories;
  • Security Systems wholesale, retail and installation, such as CCTV Systems, Burglar and Fire Alarms;
  • Point of Sale Hardware and Software;
  • Computer Training;
  • Electronic Products such as MP3/MP4, DVD Players, Mobile Phones, Cordless phones,  etc

More and more SME’s are entrusting us with the supply and maintenance their IT infrastructure, but not only! We can offer a comprehensive solution, taking care of all the needs of our clients, from the simple supply of a printer, to a complete solution involving the Network infrastructure, Voice and Email communication systems, Security Systems, Software and Hardware support, etc. Learn more about our Corporate Services.

When we are not able to provide a requested product or service, we can still liaise both with our local and foreign suppliers and/or partners and co-ordinate the project together with our client.

Our most recent addition to these services launched (this September 2009) is the introduction of Computer Courses, available both for complete beginners and also for more advanced students - we are now offering our prospective students individual attention and professional tutors to help them gain ECDL certification. More information and details available here.

Our flexibility and reliability, backed with our professional service, are the key elements that give put us at InfoTech part of the leaders in our market. 


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